TypeSnitch Private-beta Opens This Week

Boutique analytics for digital-fonts and advocates for sensible use of creative work

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Intellectual property on the internet is a complicated burden for creators. The copyright system was designed to narrowly benefit entrenched elites of a different era — it conspicuously neglects the vast majority of creators and consumers. We'd like to suggest an alternative.

TypeSnitch aims to recenter the intellectual property discussion around the benefits and ethics of respecting the intent of content creators, particularly independents who simply want to make a livable wage practicing their craft. Seems obvious that thousands of hours of practice deserve this much. Our answer is our namesake product, which is a research platform for creators to monitor their work and raise awareness about acceptable use.

Consumers want to act in good faith but are often overwhelmed and confused by the sprawl of ad-driven "sharing" sites who’s margins are considerably padded by our (unpaid) labor. Ease of distribution and sensible content licensing are compatible concepts that are universally understood as good.

We believe it should be easy for consumers to understand how to honor the licenses set forth by creators. We want to promote mutualism as the guiding premise of internet culture and commerce. Rather than DRM or punitive enforcement we hope to inspire dialogue and empathy — friendly, low friction marketplaces benefit consumers and creators in equal measure.

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